What is the National Housing Preservation Database (NHPD)

The NHPD incorporates all available data on federally-subsidized housing properties, and provides users with searchable and downloadable data extracts. The NHPD was created in an effort to provide communities with the information they need to effectively preserve their stock of public and affordable housing.

Who uses the NHPD?

• 2,004 registered users have logged in

• Top active users in 2014 are advocacy orgs

• 28% of respondents describe the primary mission of their organization to be housing rehabilitation and development.

• The NHPD was used in the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard’s annual flagship publication and is regularly used by universities, consulting firms, and government offices doing housing research.

What can I do with the NHPD?

• Estimate counts of federally-assisted properties or units by geography or subsidy type

• Locate specific properties of interest

• Determine the count of units or properties at risk of losing affordability within a given time range

• Locate property owners to contact

• Download data to create a local preservation database

What are the future goals of the NHPD?

• Enhance the quality and quantity of data offered by the NHPD by continuing our partnerships with HUD and USDA and by reaching out to public housing authorities, local database providers, and local government agencies to provide state and local subsidy data.

• Increase the accessibility of the data by adding summary statistics to preservationdatabase.org.

• Establish a standard for national and local preservation databases by working with the Preservation Database Working Group. The admins of the NHPD manage a group preservation database providers across the country that convene regularly to establish database standards and provide insight on future database ventures. If you have any comments regarding these topics, please contact Keely Stater or Kelly McElwain