Picture of Preservation Infographic

HUD and USDA programs play an important role in providing affordable homes to extremely low-income families across the country. Many of these publicly supported homes, however, face expiring rent restrictions and are at risk of being lost from the affordable housing stock. 252,951 publicly supported homes face an expiring affordability restriction in the next five years and an additional 147,951 public housing units are in need of immediate investment. Among the publicly supported homes with all subsidies expiring in the next five years, 81% demonstrate a risk factor that can increase the risk of owners opting out of future rental contracts or of significant capital need. While some of these publicly supported homes will be preserved with operating or capital subsidies, more resources are needed to ensure that we can continue to preserve existing affordable properties as well as create new affordable homes. This infographic summarizes the publicly supported homes facing expiring subsidies and describes how newly awarded subsidies are supporting existing preservation efforts.