Improving Low Income Housing Tax Credit Data for Preservation

As the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) portfolio continues to grow and affordability restrictions for the earliest awarded tax credit properties begin to expire, collecting and sharing data on expiring affordability restrictions, qualified contracts, and property ownership is essential to identify properties where preservation efforts are needed to protect tenants and understand the scale of preservation risks facing the LIHTC stock.

The new report examines the extent to which housing finance agencies (HFAs) provide these data at the state and local levels and analyzes the catalysts, challenges, and resources needed that impact their ability to collect, maintain, and report LIHTC property data to HUD and the wider public.

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Accompanying Resource

Availability of Key Risk-of-Loss Indicators of the LIHTC Stock by State helps you identify whether and how states make additional data on risk-of-loss indicators available for LIHTC properties.