Data Sources

Programs Included

The National Housing Preservation Database (NHPD) includes information on the following federal subsidy programs from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and US Department of Agriculture (USDA): HUD Project-Based Rental Assistance; Section 202 Direct Loans; HUD Insurance Programs; State Housing Finance Agency Funded Section 236; Low Income Housing Tax Credits; HOME Rental Assistance; Section 515 Rural Rental Housing Loans; Section 514 Direct Loans; Rural Development Section 538; and Public Housing. A brief description of each of these subsidy programs can be found here.

The following programs are not included in the NHPD: Project-Based Vouchers; McKinneyVento Permanent Housing; Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA); Tax-Exempt Multifamily Housing Bonds; and Section 516 Farm Labor Housing. If you have national data for any of these programs that you would like to contribute, please contact us.

Dates of Data Included

Below is the list of datasets used in the NHPD and the most current date for each data source as it appears in the NHPD. The NHPD is updated bi-annually using the most current data available from these sources at the beginning of each update month. For more information about the data that appears in the Database and our update process, please see the National Housing Preservation Database Data Dictionary.

Program Name Source Data Set Date Source Updated**
HUD Project Based Rental Assistance Multifamily Assistance and Section 8 Contracts Database 02/28/2019
Section 202 Direct Loans Section 202 Direct Loans Dataset 02/01/2019
HUD Insurance Programs Insured Multifamily Mortgages Database 10/31/2018
State Housing Finance Agency Funded Section 236 Active 236 Projects Dataset* 12/19/2007
Low Income Housing Tax Credits Low Income Housing Tax Credit Database (properties placed in service between 1987 and 2016) 06/06/2018
HOME Rental Assistance HOME Activity 11/30/2018
Section 515 and 514 Rural
Rental Housing Loans
USDA Rural Development Program Exit Data 06/30/2017
Rural Development Section 538 USDA Rural Development Section 538 Multifamily Guaranteed Loans 03/01/2018
Public Housing Public Housing Developments National Geospatial Data Asset 09/20/2017
(Supporting Datasets)
HUD Project Based Rental Assistance Multifamily Properties Assisted 09/20/2017
HUD Insurance Programs HUD Insured Multifamily Properties 11/01/2018
HUD Project-Based Rental Assistance Contract Renewal Information 02/28/2019
HUD Insurance Programs Terminated Multifamily Mortgages Database 11/31/2018
Fair Market Rent 2018 Fair Market Rent by County 2018
Picture of Subsidized Households Project Level Picture of Subsidized Households Database 2018
Physical Inspection Scores Physical Inspection Scores and Release Dates (Multifamily Assistance Properties Only) 09/28/2018

*These data files are presently not available for public download.

To download the NHPD data sources click here.